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"Entrepreneurship is the key to sovereignty

and sovereignty is the key to salvation"

Trade Development, Business Services, and Administrative Support.

"Leading Providers in Total Life MakeOver Plans"

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Priority Placement for Support Team Members

MOCfor Global is a leading provider of "Total Life Make-Over Plans™." Registration for membership consists of assessing an individual's or family's overall needs, then providing solutions for lifestyle requirements within their "Member's Service Packages." Anyone willing to lend their "God-given Gifts of Commerce" to our society receives priority to fulfill service requests for as many Members' Service Packages as one can manage.

Income for Everyone

MOCfor Global Members consist of independent contractors, distributors, and freelance professionals; healthcare, adult-care, and childcare providers; laborers and professionals; law-makers and law-enforcers, educators and students, artists and entertainers, scientists, and philosophers; have excellent prisoner reform and mental health rehabilitation programs. Anyone can be an entrepreneur, and everyone's life is a small business.  If you're not a member click below.

Become a Member

Office of Matriarchs and Community Leaders

MOCfor Global offers business services, and administrative support entrepreneurs need to ensure success. To apply for Support Team Member positions, select the leadership role you wish to support, then choose the executive support level for which you qualify. Want to play a vital role in your neighborhood? Ask about our Community Action Teams (CATs). MOCfor Global Members operate locally, statewide, nationally, and internationally.

Support Team Members