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"Entrepreneurship is the key to sovereignty

and sovereignty is the key to salvation"

Trade Development, Business Services, and Administrative Support.

"Leading Providers in Total Life MakeOver Plans"

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Priority Placement for Support Team Members

Matriarchs of Change lead by example. The overall solution to the existing crisis is to reverse its trajectory. "We The People" have the will, the need, the numbers, and together, the financial power to accomplish this goal. To be most effective we must unite, to unite we must choose common ground. MOCfor is a leading provider of "Total Life Make-Over" plans. A staging ground where strategic planning and matrix management allows us to coordinate our efforts on a global scale, preventing loss in a matter of days and restoring entire communities in a matter of weeks. MOCfor is "HIRING EVERYONE" for every position needed to return our lives to happiness, protect our freedoms, reinstitute the working class, afford our homes, improve our health, and save humanity.  Apply Today!

First Priority ~ Income Equality

Four Steps to Financial Freedom

Strategic placement within pyramid schematics funding lifestyle essentials while rebuilding our economy.

Step One - Become a Member

MOCfor is a Private Membership Association (PMA). Membership is a requirement for participation and protects the PMA and its member's rights to "No Mask/No Jab" policies while offering and receiving positions for qualified team members. Benefits include an endless stream of candidates and subsidized payroll.

Step Two - Register Your Trade

Completing "The Marketplace" section of your membership application conveys which business services, products, or skills you wish to monetize to achieve financial independence. Upgrading through crowdfunding platforms, membership level advancements, and marketplace entry can provide a UBI via commercial enterprise.

Step Three - Receive Your Link(s)

Once membership applications are approved and fees paid unless your membership is free, complete a "Request for Priority Placement." The request will allow you to choose how many educational and funding platforms you wish to use. You will then receive a Sponsor/Sign-up link for each platform, providing the potential for creating multiple streams of income.

Step Four - Pay Your Expenses

When selecting educational and funding platforms while signing up, strategic placement determines which link(s) you receive. Just as a benefit of your membership entry-level is the number of MOCfor members inline to receive your link when requesting placement on educational and funding platforms of their choosing. As more people unite across the globe, so will the potential for increased earnings and  Income Equality.

Cryptocurrency Crowdfunding

The Power of a Matrix

Introducing SmartChoice

SmartChoice Pay Plan

Restore Your Life

Fundraising Strategies

This chart displays the meaning of two MOCfor catchphrases, "Together We Stand, Forever We Prosper" and "People Helping People Help Themselves." Smart Contract Cryptocurrency Crowdfunding is clever because it only requires participants to achieve one step above the last, creating a positive effect on millions of lives simultaneously. Each contribution helps a brother or sister in our society afford the cost of immediate living expenses, and "What Goes Around, Comes Around." The system is impartial, unbiased, non-partisan, and can eliminate the possibility of government dependency.

Universal Basic Income (UBI)

Mass participation in this system can create a truly universal basic income generated by unity and steady development of commercial enterprises. SmartChoice is one of four crowdfunding platforms. Next is accommodating all member's essential living needs via social marketing companies, then offering an affiliate marketing program, "The Marketplace," that secures generational wealth.

This is a full-proof method of funding to rebuild your community.

Subsidized Income

Consider this scenario: You are a MOCfor member with a company you've just converted to a private membership association. To be profitable, you need one hundred staff members, however, can only afford twenty-five. MOCfor's UBI can double as a base salary up to 75% of market value. Now you can afford all one hundred.

Limitless. The ability to afford labor forces of one to one million.


Step One

Complete the application for membership.

Become a Member

VIP Monthly/Yearly

Ambassador/Prime Minister


Step Two

Hire team members or Apply for work below.

Register Your Trade

Request a Hire/Team Support

Apply for Work


Step Three

New to crypto? Earn while you learn the basics.

Receive Your Link(s)

Crowdfunding/Associate Svcs.

Digital Academy/Legal Svcs.

Crypto Basics

Step Four

Order one or more crypto MC/Visa debit cards today.

Pay Your Expenses



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