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Anyone Who Contributes Can Also Receive

The developers of our crowdfunding platform wanted a way everyone contributing to the Global Pandemic Economic Recovery System could equally be funded for causes of their own. 

Contributing is done by means of UPGRADING through a system designed to place people in line to receive donations in an orderly fashion as opposed to randomly per project. 

Anyone who donates can also receive.


If this is your first experience in the world of cryptocurrency it is recommended you understand "What is Bitcoin?"  then, follow the STEP by STEP instructions on how to reach the highest level of funding possible by participating in choice Bitcoin and/or Litecoin Crowdfunding programs. 

The most important information you'll need is:

1.  Always record your Login information when registering with any exchange or wallet. In many cases, you will not have an opportunity to click "Forgot Password" when you cannot remember the one you used. The results can be devastating as you realize whatever Bitcoin you stored in the wallet or exchange account you just opened could be stuck there "FOREVER!!!"

2.  Know the difference between a Bitcoin Wallet ID#, Bitcoin Receive Address and Bitcoin Transaction or Hash ID#.  Each consists of an alpha-numeric code with symbols. These various strings of code may appear similar but if you place a Wallet ID# where a Bitcoin Address is needed, your payment won't "SEND" and/or you will not receive the payment you're expecting. These types of mistakes often result in painful losses.

3.  When sending money or asked to make payments for any reason, the request will usually come in 1 of 3 ways ~ via USD, Euros (i.e. your local currency), and/or Bitcoin. Often the amount is set in a local currency but transacted in Bitcoin, for example currently the minimum donation suggested for our program is approximately $8.05 USD, but the actual amount is calculated in Bitcoin as 0.001. Depending on the value of Bitcoin when you're ready to send your 0.001 donations you could have to pay as little as $6 USD in one moment or $35 USD in the next. When cost is fixed at a local rate like $50 Euros,  the amount could equate to 0.0027 Bitcoin in one moment and 0.0017 the next. The lesson here is about paying attention to your currency! 

Click here for a QUICK START Guide or below for Options To Buy Bitcoin and STEP by STEP instructions on how to Participate In Our Program!

SVM Global

Cryptocurrency Debit Cards

CRYPTOCURRENCY DEBIT CARDS differ from typical prepaid cards in that they can be loaded by anyone anywhere at any time as long as the sender has the Bitcoin “Receive” Address for your Bitcoin Debit Card's Wallet .

BITPAY VISA DEBIT CARD ~ Allows you to manage your bitcoin finances in one very secure, open-source wallet. Easy to load, your BitPay Card will be accepted at all merchants and Visa® compatible ATMs worldwide. (US Residents Accepted)

There are over 50 wallets from which to choose and “NO LIMIT” to the number of Wallets and/or Exchanges a person can have. The following were selected because they are user-friendly and proven trustworthy in the world of cryptocurrency:

BUY/SELL - WALLET/EXCHANGE ~ This link will take you to a digital asset exchange company and secure online platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing digital currency. It is user-friendly and free to sign up, send and receive digital currency from online wallets, friends, and merchants.

BLOCKCHAIN WALLET ~ Is the World’s Most Popular Bitcoin Wallet. Offering the largest production blockchain platform, it has over 16 million users who appreciate being assigned Wallet ID numbers instead of UserNames to identify their accounts. All SVM Global clients must have a Blockchain Wallet account when choosing to participate in select cryptocurrency ventures.

Making Payment Using Exodus Wallet

Exodus is Ideal for Making Small Payments but Can Only be Downloaded to Computers

1st Download Exodus

Litecoin has great potential for being next, of all altcoins in cryptocurrency to match Bitcoin in value, however, it can be challenging, at times, to buy and send. Scroll up for Options on how to buy . . . afterward, if you choose to transfer your Litecoin to Exodus for storage and an easy way to send and receive payments in our programs, the following instructions will show you how. 

Password Protected "Only"

Exodus Wallet is only protected by a password. The password you choose cannot be saved by your computer nor will it register with a password manager, so the password you create must be easy to remember but hard to hack. Signing in will land you on the "Portfolio" page as it appears to the left.

Locating Your Litecoin Wallet in Exodus

Click on "Wallet" located under "Portfolio," then look to the right to find Litecoin listed in alphabetical order. Click, and next you will see what is depicted in the image to the left; your Litecoin balance and buttons allowing you to "Send" and "Receive." To add Litecoin to your wallet click "Receive." This will produce an address that can easily be copied, used or given to anyone wanting to "Send" Litecoin to your Exodus Wallet. 

Making Payments

To make a payment or "Send" Litecoin, follow the examples depicted in the image to the right. First, enter the Litecoin "Receive" address to where or whom you would like to send your payment. Exodus makes it easy to either enter the exact amount of Litecoin you want to send or the exact amount in your local currency. When paying Ride The Litecoin's yearly administrative fee, "ONLY" Send the amount in LTC showing on the invoice provided. The cost of the transaction is located under the "SEND" button.

Verifying Transactions Before Sending

Next, verify the information you entered, confirm the amount and "Send."

Exodus Payment Confirmation

Exodus will then confirm that your transaction was successfully sent. 

Where To Find Payment Confirmations 

Transaction & Hash IDs

Regardless of how you choose to pay the Yearly Fee when Upgrading your Ride The Litecoin Account confirmation will be provided on the invoice generated by 

Exodus provides it's Transaction ID#s within the posting of the transaction itself. Once a transaction is completed click on the + sign located above the amount and the section will open up to reveal the Transaction ID# centered on the page. 

Confirmation of all other Litecoin payments can be obtained by way of BlockCypher! 

BlockCypher is the infrastructure fabric for blockchain application and a very useful tool to help senders and receivers monitor specific transactions. 

At the top of the webpage, you'll see a search box. Enter the Litecoin address to where your Litecoin was sent. Your Transaction ID# will be the longest link of code appearing directly under the number of transactions (ex. 11of 14 Transactions, (1 unconfirmed)).