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Rev. Sheila V. is a Native Cherokee Shaman and Spiritual Life Coach, Prophetess, and Universal Life Church Minister. She has devoted twenty-one years of her life to developing The Sheila V. Mission (SVM) project. SVM began as a nonprofit organization to convert abandoned military bases into places to end poverty and homelessness.

The inspiration to develop SVM stemmed from a chance meeting and an offer of funding through NESARA. A veteran of the U.S. Air Force Reserves and Persian Gulf War, Rev. Sheila V. struggled with  PTSD. It was challenging to maintain employment and provide stable housing as a single parent with two small daughters making the proposal seem perfectly timed: 

"If money were no object, what would you do, and how would you make the world a better place," the man asked?

The reverend wrote a business plan from her heart. The first draft reads like a "how-to" book for Air Force Veterans return to life on base after failing to reintegrate into society. Developing SVMG is Rev. Sheila V.'s purpose in life. Now an economic recovery plan, and the only one of its kind in the world, there is no better time like the present to show us how it works. 

From left to right, daughters, Keanna and Michaela, 

and grandsons, Leland and Roland.


The Sheila V. Mission Project was filed in the U.S. Virgin Islands in 2011 as a non-profit organization. In 2013, SVM ReDesign Your Life America introduced The SVM Global Initiative as a community wealth development project. The initiative then evolved into the SVM Global Business System, a Globally Unifying Humanitarian Effort to Achieve Income Equality. The process begins by inviting recipients of public assistance to become members of The SVM Global Learning Center and on the path to entrepreneurship. Funded by cryptocurrency crowdfunding, the system is perpetuated by the goal to achieve income equality worldwide. 

Member Services

As of July 4, 2021

The cost of BitLocity Bitcoin Smart Contracts is a fixed amount in USD. The BitLocity system software regularly adjusts the amount of Bitcoin to equal the USD amount of each smart contract. The Bronze Package is $25 and will always only cost $25. The cost of Ethereum and TRON on Forsage, Lion's Share, and SmartChoice platforms will vary. Per the daily value of each crypto, one hundred (100) TRX may cost $5.58 today and more or less $4 ($1.58-$9.97) tomorrow.

BitLocity (Bitcoin)


Bronze       ~   $25

Silver          ~  $50

Gold            ~  $75

Platinum    ~  $100

Amber        ~  $200

BitLocity (Bitcoin)

Forsage (Ethereum)


0.025  ~   $56.98

0.05    ~   $114.04

0.1       ~   $228.01

0.2      ~   $456.02

0.4      ~   $911.91

Forsage (Ether)

Lion's Share (TRON)


  40 TRX    ~    $2.68

  80 TRX    ~   $5.35

160 TRX    ~   $10.71

240 TRX    ~   $16.06

400 TRX    ~   $26.78

Lion's Share (TRON)

Forsage (TRON)


100 TRX   ~   $6.69

200 TRX   ~  $13.38

400 TRX   ~  $26.78

800 TRX   ~  $53.60

1600 TRX ~  $107.25

Forsage (TRON)

Differences in Platforms

Forsage Ethereum, Lion's Share, and Forsage TRON platforms work the same. Trust Wallet, MetaMASK, and TRONLink wallets must remain open and filled with enough crypto to purchase your smart contract at the time of registration, or the whole process will terminate. The crowdfunding platform has a built-in payment system that connects with your open wallet to withdraw the purchase price of each smart contract. As soon as the purchase is confirmed, the platform opens up to your members' page.


1. MOCfor's Global is offering member- ship to everyone in need of income, but not required to receive spiritual life coaching, boost your health and participate in crowd funding. SVMG-LC and GPERS were developed to serve the following: 

  • Recipients of Unemployment;
  • Contractors & Gig Workers;
  • Faculty & Educators;
  • College Students;
  • Military Veterans; and
  • Those Displaced by Natural Disaster


2. SVMG-LC Members become Standard Service Level Clients of SV&A.

  • SV&A Represents Clients'
  • Establishes and records trade(s)
  • Comps Subscription cost for the 1st week of promoting trades
  • Offers clients incentives to obtain select medical and life insurance policies, investment advice and travel services. 
  • Replaces social services case workers with business management consultants and account managers.


3. SV&A places clients in The Marketplace to promote their trades earning two or more streams of income as they become members of a  new international trade association.
  • Entry into The Marketplace is subscription based. Sales generate revenue shared equally within the alliance.
  • A Universal Basic Income (UBI) is established.
  • The UBI generated from subscriptions l, ll, and lll, plus revenue from the sales of trades create income equality.

Donations and The Freedom Fund

If everyone was encouraged to make a $10 or more donation by December 31, 2020, our Economic Recovery System could be fully operational by February 28, 2021.

Your donation will help us prove how quickly and efficiently this system can work to resolve our financial crises domestically and abroad.

Donations to "MOCfor's Freedom Fund" are not tax-deductible. Contact Us if you would like to make a tax-deductible, and we will connect you with our fiscal sponsor.  Thank you!


Financial independence for all in a free market economy established and maintained by the people for the people until income equality is the new normal.

SVM's Global Pandemic Economic Recovery System provides a means by which government can operate efficiently once reduced in size. The best of healthcare is affordable for everyone, college debts paid off quickly, and tuitions paid-in-full before the first day of school. Mortgages paid within five years, and the environment restored within ten. 

What's In The Box

The Box - A local business center (WeWorks business model). In every box, a CAT. - CATs are Community Action Teams- one for each community. CATs consist of essential personnel. One for every position needed to help a community thrive: 1-Community Action Team Leader, 1-Legislative Liaison, 1-Community Director, 1-City Planner or Project Manager, 1-Lead Legal Advisor, 1-Lead Financial Advisor, 1-Lead Law Enforcement Advisor, 1-Lead Fire & Safety Advisor, 1-Housing & Real Estate Advisor, 1-Family Services Advisor, 1-Spiritual Advisor (Shaman/Oracle)1-Alternative Health & Healing Advisor, 1-Lead Medical Advisor, 1-Lead Mental Health Advisor, 1-Educational Advisory2-Child Advocates (1-Boys & 1-Girls). 

Week 1 ~ Training: Webinars and Q & As

Week 2 ~ Training: Practice Bull Runs and Q & As

Week 3 ~ Master Class (Aggressive): Live Bull Runs

Week 4 ~ Smart Bull Runs (Aggressive): Household Expenses

Week 5 ~ Smart Bull Runs (Aggressive): Health Maintenance Expenses

Week 6 ~ Smart Bull Runs (Aggressive): Childcare/Adult Care Expenses

Week 7 ~ Smart Bull Runs (Aggressive): Transportation Expenses

Week 8 ~ Smart Bull Runs (Aggressive): Business Expenses

Week 9 ~ Smart Bull Runs (Aggressive): Legal Expenses

Week 10 ~ Smart Bull Runs (Aggressive): Luxury and Entertainment Expenses

Week 11 ~ Smart Bull Runs (Aggressive): Build Generational Wealth

Week 12 ~ Smart Bull Runs (Aggressive): Community Support Expenses

Where To Find Transaction & Hash IDs

Necessary to Confirm Transactions Regardless of Wallet Used

CoinPayment's Payment Information Page

Regardless of which wallet you choose to use when paying the yearly fee, the payment must be confirmed by placing the Transaction ID# in the Feedback area on Coinpayment's Payment Information page. 

Rating The Process is A Required Step

Where the page asks you to "Leave a Feedback Rating" click "Positive" and insert the Transaction ID# in the text box as shown to the right.

Use BlockCypher to find the Transaction ID.

BlockCypher is the infrastructure fabric for blockchain application and a very useful tool to help senders and receivers monitor specific transactions. 

At the top of the webpage, you'll see a search box. Enter the Litecoin address to where your Litecoin was sent. Your Transaction ID# will be the longest link of code appearing directly under the number of transactions (ex. 11of 14 Transactions, (1 unconfirmed)).  

Exodus provides it's Transaction ID#s within the posting of the transaction itself. 

Once a transaction is completed click on the + sign located above the amount and the section will open up to reveal the Transaction ID# centered on the page. Click on the Transaction ID# and it will take you to BlockCypher where you can copy that number and provide it wherever needed.

Celebrating its 5th year in business, our goal for 2018 is to maximize the income earning potential of everyone with interest in the World of Cryptocurrency!!! We are offering education and introductions to business platforms, software, and programs for members of each one of the communities listed below. All members are eligible for placement in Bitcoin and Litecoin CrowdFunding Platforms to help fund personal needs and program costs before ever getting started. We will help you understand Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and what everyone needs to know about Blockchain Technology also, how to Buy, Sell, Hold, Mine and Trade cryptocurrency with some of the most reliable companies in the industry. 

It is not necessary to become a client of SV&A to participate in the programs we promote, however, people requesting funding assistance from our list of Peer to Peer Micro Lenders must be approved for  $0 Program Participation to apply.