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Wallets and Exchanges


Blockchain Wallet is an approved non-proprietary wallet and will not block incoming transactions of any type, charge additional fees, and is highly recommended for transacting Bitcoin.

Trust Wallet

Allows buying, selling, sending, receiving, and trading of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and TRON. Buy cryptos using debit or credit cards.

Anonymous ~ No KYC necessary

Before You Get Started

Download A Password Manager

To keep your private information safe. We recommend:

Click here for a list of the top 10 Downloadable Password Managers for 2022

Every Android and iPhone app, wallet, and smart contract crowdfunding membership created from this point forward will require you to:

  • register a user name 
  • create a password
  • provide a member ID#; and 
  • record a  12-word seed phrase and/or string of alpha-numeric code. 

It will also be necessary to know your invitee's Sponsor/Member ID#. At times you will want to verify that you are on the right page and track his/her progress.  

Each will need to be stored safely while, at the same time, you will need easy access to this information when necessary. 

Password managers automatically save your login information. Alpha-numeric codes will need to be copied and pasted, and 12-word phrases manually added to your Safe Notes. 

Download These 4 Wallets

Onto your desktop as a Chrome Extension, mobile app, or both:

 Trust Wallet (Buy)

TRONLink MetaMask (Transact) (Store Bitcoin)

Trust Wallet is user-friendly and will allow you to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and TRON using a debit or credit card in three simple steps. Below are instructions on how to register with QTrex, Forsage, and Lion's Share:

1. Windows OS - Download MetaMASK and TRONLink then, add extensions to Chrome or Firefox browser.

2. Android/iPhone iOS - Download Trust Wallet Mobile App.

3. Open and fill wallets with enough crypto to buy your desired number of smart contracts. Keep wallets open. Click here for a cost chart in USD.

4. Maintain ready access to the passwords for your MetaMask and TRONLink wallet extensions.

5. Copy Sponsor's Referral Link onto your clipboard.  (Click here to continue).

Order Bitcoin MC/Visa Debit Card

This is the best way to turn crypto into cash when you need it fast: 

One of the biggest concerns people new to the world of cryptocurrency have about turning to tokens as a primary source of money is how to keep them available and accessible for day-to-day transactions. 

It is difficult to pay for food, rent, bills, and other necessities if what little money you have is tied up in assets, and technically, most cryptocurrencies and Alt-Coins are considered assets. 

The solutions are cryptocurrency debit Visa and Mastercards. You can buy, receive, invest or trade cryptos all day. Whatever profit you decide not to hold for the next day's business can be added to your debit card spending balance. 

See above and below for a list of cryptocurrency wallets offering debit cards., and spend your earnings the same way you would with the debit and credit cards in your physical wallet. 

Next, Ready Your QR Code Reader


Lastly, you may need to download an app to read QR Codes with your Android or Apple device. The address to "Send" and "Receive" cryptocurrency and amounts in crypto are often 7 to 24 characters long. 


Each purchase will give you the option to transact using a QR Code. The process takes 2 to 3 seconds and eliminates concerns of having copied all the characters needed to confirm transactions.


Create a Wallet and Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, TRON 

Klever:  Wallet & Exchange ~ "ONLY" accessible via mobile app.

Trust Wallet:  Wallet & Exchange ~ "ONLY" accessible via mobile app.

TRONLink Pro: Wallet & Swap - Accessible via mobile app and Chrome Extension. Cannot Buy.

Exodus: Wallet & Exchange ~ Cannot Buy. Downloadable on all devices.  

Easy Ways to Purchase Bitcoin & Ethereum

U.S. Territories Only

Cash App: Bitcoin Only. May purchase crypto straight from cash wallet.

Uphold: May purchase using a debit card. Not accepting all bank cards.

Easy Ways to Purchase Bitcoin & Ethereum

International Wallets QTrex Approved, accepts all types incoming transactions Fiat & Crypto Wallet ~ Buy, send, receive and learn Crypto. Worldwide availability on desktops and tablets, but only accessible via mobile app in the U.S.

Wallets Offering Visa & MC Debit Cards ~ Now You Can Spend Your Crypto Like Cash 

Cash App ~ Uphold PayPal ~ Order via website ~ Purchase Price $9.99 ~ Delivery in 7-10 days ~ Max. card balance $25K. 

Ways to Purchase Bitcoin with Fiat Money (Cash) ~ Cash to Crypto

AirTM: Great resource for multiple types of cash to crypto purchases using Venmo. 

LibertyX: America's first and largest network of Bitcoin ATMs, cashiers, and kiosks. Can use cash or your debit card.

CoinATMRadar: Bitcoin ATMs Worldwide.

More On CryptoCurrency Debit Cards

Cryptocurrency Debit Cards

CRYPTOCURRENCY DEBIT CARDS differ from typical prepaid cards in that they can be topped off by anyone anywhere at any time as long as the sender has the Bitcoin “Receive” Address for your Bitcoin Debit Card's Wallet. In most cases, crypto has to be converted to cash within the wallet so it can be accessible by the wallet's cash card. However, the BitPay Visa Debit Card automatically converts Bitcoin to local fiat currency as soon as it is loaded.