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"spending power back in the hands of the people"

"Earn While You Learn to Become Successful in Business"


The First 90-Days of Membership

MOCfor Global Pandemic Economic Recovery Systems


We The People

Welcome to The World of Cryptocurrency

MOCfor Global is a leader in "Total Life Makeover Plans" and Income Restoration.  In the first 90-Days of membership, we help you "Earn While You Learn" to achieve wealth in the world of cryptocurrency. What makes us unique are our "Bull Runs." 

Training  (Begins February 4, 2022)

1st:   Crypto Basics

2nd:  Practice Runs

3rd:   Master Class

Smart Contract Buying Frenzies

After training, it's on to nine (9) straight weeks in our Smart Contract Buying Frenzies that end in being provided for while providing the means for people to pay their bills.

Bull Runs for Home, Family and Health

At the end of each run, pay your rent or mortgage, pay off debts, buy quality foods, afford the best in healthcare. Put a down on a car or just shop until your heart's content.

Bull Runs for Business, School and Wealth 

Start a new business or expand the one you have. Pay for childcare or tutors to homeschool your children, and cover tuition. Start building generational wealth, invest and insure.

That's the scheduled plan. The reality is focused; dedicated participants can achieve the end result in a fraction of the time, so what are you waiting for . . . Join Today! Be Smart, Be Aggressive, and Bull Run Your Bills Away!!!

Smart Contracts ~ Start With SmartChoice TRON


Smart Contract

Crowdfunding Platform

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Smart Contract

Crowdfunding Platform

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Smart Contracts

Crowdfunding Platform

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Crypto Basics 

Quick Start Guide

How to set up your first wallet

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Week 1 ~ Training: Webinars and Q & As

Training: Webinars and Q & As

Bull Runs will begin October 31, 2022



Overview: Crypto Basics and Q & A

Crowdfunding Academies, Smart Contracts & Funding Goals

Creating Wallets, Signing up with SmartChoice & Forsage

Crypto Basics

10:00am - 10:45am PST