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The mocfor Global Pandemic economic recovery systems

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Crypto Basics

Step 1

What is Bitcoin

Learn the fundamentals of Bitcoin, Alt Coins, and Smart Contracts by watching these select videos. Feel free to browse the web and YouTube for more information. Each crowdfunding platform we use offers extensive training through their academies and/or universities.


Step 2

Create a Wallet

There are over 50 wallets from which to choose and “NO LIMIT” to the number of Wallets and/or Exchanges a person can have. Each allows users to send, and receive Bitcoin, afterward, they differ. Some will allow buying, selling, exchanging, tracking, trading, and staking. For now, keep it simple.


Step 3

Sign-up to Crowdfund

Create accounts for one or more smart contract crowdfunding platforms proven to help reach funding goals. We use BitLocity to secure Bitcoin Smart Contracts, Forsage for Ethereum, and Lion's Share for TRON. If you don't already have a sponsor use the invitation link provided.