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The SVM Global Business system

"earn while you learn to become successful in business"

Business Development, Professional Services & Administrative Support

A Leading Provider of "Total Life Make-Over Plans"

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Disclaimer - 90 Day Beyond Retirement Plan

The SVM Global Learning Center "Total Life Make Over & 90 Day Beyond Retirement Plan" is an original creation by Rev. Sheila V., who is both Founder and CEO of the learning center and an associate of the company providing the products and services offered in the plan. The payment schedule displayed on this page, as well as, the performance timeline is unique, therefore, not offered by any other associate of the provider's company.

The distributing company itself, DOES NOT PROMOTE, OFFER, ENDORSE or is in any way responsible for anyone's dissatisfaction and/or failure to reach the goals set by Rev. Sheila V. and/or The SVM Global Learning Center.