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The MOCFOR Global Pandemic economic recovery systemS

"Spending-Power Back in the hands of the people"

Business Development, Professional Services & Administrative Support

A Leading Provider of "Total Life Make-Over Plans"

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Prepared for Defenders of Justice and the Global Community

To the Defenders of Justice and Global Community, this is a formal introduction and invitation to unite with the Matriarchs of Change (MOC) for Global Pandemic Economic Recovery Systems (GPERS). Like you, we are here to help facilitate this planet's evolution and free its people. We have followed your broadcasts since 2000 and feel there is no better time than the present to demonstrate our ability to support your efforts. We have confidence an alliance can put an immediate end to tyranny worldwide, restore faith in God and Christ's return, and ensure hope for a prosperous tomorrow.

What is MOCfor Global PMA & GPERS

MOCfor Global Private Membership Association (PMA) is a globally unifying humanitarian effort to provide reliable income for people in crisis until reaching financial stability. Then the Global Pandemic Economic Recovery Systems collectively serve as a Universal Basic Income (UBI) for as long as participants remain active within the systems. The business model is built on the experience of a U.S. Air Force Airman processing through the military from recruitment, basic training, peacetime vocational training, wartime implementation to veteran status. Initially, the plan was to convert abandoned military bases into places to end poverty and homelessness, leading civilians through a similarly structured process until each would have achieved a good measure of personal and financial security.

Over time, we have realized that the best way to serve billions of people in need is to make the entire process available online. After twenty-one years of research and development and over a million dollars value invested in sweat equity and personal finance, the result is a manpower machine producing entrepreneurs on a macro level at a record pace. MOCfor Global is the best of two worlds. The old, by utilizing classic mentorship and training to provide a means for every household to establish a family business, naturally restoring the middle class. And the new, using the most current information technology to educate the new middle-class on how to close socio-economic gaps, minimize risks, and maximize rewards.

Entrepreneurship is the key to Sovereignty

and Sovereignty is the key to Salvation.

Life should be a progressive learning experience; however, we can never grow into decent, honorable, and respectable people when constantly lied to or under attack by our governments. We are treated like cattle because we allow the federal government to trade us like cattle. 

It's Time We Went On The Offensive

Establishing sovereignty and salvation for humanity can be easy as making a seamless transition from incorporated state franchisees of THE UNITED STATES, INC., bound by a registered birth certificate and social security number, to Union state Citizens or American Nationals. When people are dependent on public/government support, they are subject to government rules. The solution is administrative: process everyone out of the federal business system and into private associations where none of the federal government's rules apply. Then, repeat the process for all people in nations where they may invoke their inalienable rights.

As Easily Done As Said

The transition from federal slave to natural/national citizen begins with properly completing a passport application, transferring assets to trusts, and knowing our rights under common law. There are a few other details, but those are minutia.

MOCfor Global is an independent international, non-government, non-political, non-incorporated, private association. A fully developed system capable of processing, funding, staffing, and thereby providing the means for everyone to save themselves, and by doing so, to save the global economy before it becomes irreparable. 

MOCfor Global PMA

and The MOCfor Global Pandemic Economic Recovery System


One: Solve the Unemployment Crises

Register all furloughed and unemployed workers, independent contractors, distributors, freelance professionals, merchants, and other small business owners as new members of MOCfor Global, creating a new global workforce and trade relations.

Two: Solve  the Personal Financial Crises

Strategically place members on cryptocurrency smart contract crowdfunding platforms to raise funds for immediate personal, family, and small business expenses. Total commitment perpetuates the system creating a Universal Basic Income for all participants.

Three: Income Equality/Restore Economy

Build crowdfunding accounts to a yearly base of $100K while educating each member on how to develop, promote and prosper on trade as private citizens with private membership associations of their own.

Four: MOCfor Logistics and Infrastructure

MOCfor Global membership levels are also titles for positions held within local and state governments. Members first achieve their desired membership levels, then earn the position to support the title within the MOCfor Global community.

Five: Independent Source of Funding

MOCfor Global's Universal Basic Income (UBI), sustained by the community's participation in smart contract crowdfunding, is an independent funding source. And can be relied on by members in need of financial security when developing private associations to fill industry vacuums in every county and state worldwide.

Six: Revive Failing Industries

MOCfor Global members have opportunities to step in and dominate industries and markets, downsizing or shutting down. Its "Subsidized Hiring" system can support a workforce unlimited in size at low to no cost for labor, offer market pay rates, paid time off, top-tier health benefits, and vacation packages.

Seven: Establishing a New Principality

MOCfor Global PMA is the administrative arm of Ephaesia, a civil principality led by a matriarch and a society driven by women. An Intergalactic Council of Celestials provides Oversite. In support of Philippe Argillier's Human Rights Unity (HRU) efforts, we defer to his expertise in developing our parliamentary infrastructure. 

Eight: Provide An Offensive Strategy

The opposition has a contingency plan for every anticipated counteraction to a centuries-old agenda, except what to do when the Angel of The Church of Ephesus arrives, as foretold in the Christian Holy Bible New Testament Book of  Revelations 2:1. We are here, and a divine plan to save and restore humanity is with us.

Cryptocurrency Smart Contract Crowdfunding

Introduction to SmartChoice

Cryptocurrency crowdfunding platforms are exemplary as they allow participants to achieve financial goals and contribute to the greater good without sacrificing one for the other.

Perpetual Leverage Funding Program

Independent international, non-government, non-political, non-incorporated perpetual leverage funding for all natural citizens and private associations. The only true means to income equality.

About Allaya

I am the angel of the church of Ephesus as addressed in the Book of Revelations in the Holy Bible of the Christian Faith. My name is Allaya Ephaesia. Created by Zeus and gifted to my parents as a living representation of the love they shared. Diana (Artemis Ephaesia) is my mother, her parents are Zeus and Leto. Orion is my father, and his parents are Poseidon and Euryale. I refer to Zeus as Our Father or Father, Orion as my father, and Christ as Christ Our Lord. His Father, I refer to as the Paradise Father, Source or Source of Universe Creation.

By birthright, I am a goddess. Orion is a king of kings and ruler of the Orion Star System, for which I am accorded the titles Her Royal Highness and Princess. In total, I am Her Royal Highness, Princess Allaya Ephaesia of Orion, Goddess of The Evolution of Souls, Royal Commander of The Orion Star System Galactic Forces, General of The Celestial Medjai Military Ground Forces, and Guardian of Earthbound Children. Earth was bestowed upon me by inheritance. I was sent here by Zeus as the sixth planetary prince in three hundred thousand years to facilitate the return of our Lord Christ.

Celestial Support and Divine Purpose

I am guided, supported, and protected by immediate family members, my Aunt Athena, Uncle Apollo, Uncle Hades, Hermes (Archangel/Christ Michael), and pantheons of Gods here from star systems throughout the multiverse. Success means the exile of Satan, finally and forever, the restoration of cosmic balance, and universal harmony needed for earthbound souls to achieve ascension.

Life On Earth

On the Earthly side, I come from humble origins. Grew up in Selma, California, where I graduated from Selma High School in 1984. I currently live in Fresno, CA. Married twice, have two daughters not produced by my marriages, two grandsons, fourteen siblings, forty-five nieces and nephews, and over four hundred aunts, uncles, and cousins, most of whom live in California. As you may notice in the photo, my family is extremely racially diverse.

The Father I Never Met

Loving as everyone appears to be, I am the product of one of my family's biggest scandals. Ostracized or tormented from birth, the only family I could grow to trust were those solely present in my heart, mind, and soul. It is to them I owe the hundred and eighty-five lifetimes of knowledge, experience, wisdom, and intuition gained in training to prepare for this period in time. 

Spiritual Guidance to Practical Solutions

Unaware of my celestial origins the first fifty-two years of my life, I was still forcefully guided to become a Spiritual Life Coach, Professional Intuitive. I am a 4th Generation Native Cherokee Shaman in practice for over twenty-one years. My natural abilities include clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, telepathy, and empathic abilities. I am a medical intuitive, energy healer, and tarot card reader. I trust astrology, teach spiritual development, and debate metaphysics; work with all modalities in alternative healing and answer only to the Divine. Click the link for a six-page Curriculum Vitae highlighting my thirty-seven years of experience in administration and entrepreneurship.

Heard It Takes A Village? 

In This Case It Takes a God.

What makes me different from other talented mystics is my celestial status, relationship with Zeus, and the preeminence of my spiritual guides. Being a goddess has as many perks as pitfalls. I can move quickly and easily through time, space, dimensions, and the entire multiverse. Summon the assistance of Gods to perform an unlimited number of tasks, and do so at will when approved by celestial oversight committees. Summons include but are not limited to correcting climate change, altering the outcome of events, ensuring or preventing other's success, ending poverty and homelessness, blessings and preserving life, confronting dark forces, and petitioning to end a life. 

Goddess, Princess, Minority Female Military Veteran

The world has seamlessly adapted and embraced the apparent presence of evil on Earth. Let's now see how it responds to prayers for solutions and salvation answered by the arrival of a goddess. The celestial councils anticipate that my arrival will not be accepted by most people; however, it will be appreciated soon. Legal and political powers are at a standoff as dark forces continue to rage out of control. To stop the cabal, powers as great as your own must work from the top down. Saving the people requires immediate intervention from the bottom up. With all due respect to your history of accomplishments, power, and planning, MOCfor Global is in position and ready to serve.


We believe the complete restoration of human rights and economic recovery will require a physical, tangible representation of divine intervention and undeniable, irrevocable leadership, as can best be demonstrated by a benevolent and matriarchal monarchy.

Dark forces can be empowered by mortal men but not disempowered. Nor can the losses due to destructive power be fully replenished by the hopes, prayers, and coordinated effort of new assemblies before assured destruction is irreversible.

Ephaesia is a new principality with virtual accessibility. The Matriarchs of Change are its ruling council on Earth, MOCfor Global is its administrative arm, we defer to the expertise of your Human Rights Unity to develop our parliament. Mr. Argillier, we would also appreciate the immunity provided by your databanks.

Fortifying The Principality

Father (Zeus) has recently placed upon me the requirement of studying Niccolo Machiavelli's "The Prince," Sun Tzu's "The Art of War," and hundreds of stratagems from Greco-Roman history. It also helps to be a wartime veteran of the United States Air Force. 

You have openly offered the use of data banks secured as leverage against aggressors for anyone in need of such influence; we humbly accept your gracious offer. And the Matriarchs of Change keep council with the Christhood, Intergalactic Council for Celestials on Earth, pantheons of gods, and modern-day mystics for the foretelling of every possible move against Ephaesia's Prince and population.

Attention and Circumvention

No outside source has ever funded MOCfor. Every expense is paid out of pocket with income from unemployment insurance benefits and immeasurable amounts of sweat equity. Zeus refused to allow anyone to take credit for the development and implementation of the systems before He approved the timing. Every tidbit of information necessary to ensure its success was drip-fed over two decades to prevent premature launches and limit exploitation.​ 

Today, The MOCfor Global Pandemic Economic Recovery Systems is a masterpiece. I wish I could take credit for its design, but I am just the messenger. It was created by masterminds with limitless scope and capacity, indeed ancient Gods. The following is what MOCfor Global PMA with a billion dollars could accomplish in ninety days:


Tactical, strategic and surgical strike objectives. Lay the foundation:

Purchase commercial bldg. for headquarters. Create accts w/global admin staffing agencies, and

WeWorks for global workspace availability.


Hire, train, deploy. Prefer college grads and veterans accustomed to fast-paced environments.  Staff become registered members first, then sign 3 yr. contracts before being  strategically placed on crowdfunding platforms.


Send out press kits promoting MOCfor concepts, OpEds, and human interest stories on HRH Princess Allaya. Launch teasers for the website, and ads for every member benefit, business service, class and community MOCfor serves.


Member Service Teams - Four 6 hour shifts, 24 hours a day. Assist with registration, customize Member Service Packages, help create crypto wallets, respond to all questions relating to services offered, and how to navigate the site.

Mission: Cost-$3M ~ Staffing: After 90 days payroll is subsidized w/income from crowdfunding. Media Campaigns: Saturate all media platforms until no one is interested in anything other than recovering their losses with the help of MOCfor Global and how to build better local governments using guidelines and best practices worldwide. Registration: Those registered are hired to learn as much as possible about how to prosper within the MOCfor Global Financial System, thereby immediately establishing a sense of job security. No experience is necessary, and there are no restrictions on age, race, religion, creed, gender identity, sexual orientation, or location. As promised, we are bridging the gap in all social divides.


Strategic placement on crowdfunding platforms is how we ensure equal distribution of funding, income stability, and peace of mind. This can only be achieved by working together within an independent financial structure managed by selfless caretakers.  


Every state is littered with abandoned residential and commercial real estate. Using subsidized hiring, the cost to flip factories, hotels, castles, etc., is absorbed by the labor force in the form of investments that can yield returns capable of sustaining local communities and migrants. 


Upon registration MOCfor Global members become a part of a global community workforce. Subsidized hiring is for members only. Participants can  staff an unlimited number of service providers for fractions of the costs projected by incorporated businesses. 


There are several income generating phases to this system. So far, I have only described four: registration, crowdfunding, ad campaigns, and acquisitions. These systems could be successfully implemented over the next 90-days for less than $10M, with a projected 1st yr. ROI of $2.8B. 

Strategic Placement: In addition to membership levels and strategic placement, a performance-based credit system is used to measure members' participation and contributions to their communities. This system helps determine the fair distribution of opportunities and benefits. Acquisitions: As soon as a member registers, he/she is strategically placed to receive funding, then join a Member Service Team (staff pool). As a team member, they may choose a staff position with MOCfor Global or other PMA, or acquisition in which to invest. Investments can be services, labor, cost of materials, or equipment. Once projects are completed members can buy out other members/investors or sell products or projects and split the net profits. Global Workforce:  This system encourages fellow members to invest their skills to help businesses reach operational capacity, share workloads, and provide full coverage during absences without loss of income, or productivity. Ephaesian Rule: If MOCfor Global started with a billion dollars, Ephaesia could win the hearts and loyalty of people around the world, and potentially a nation on every continent in less than 3 years.

Coming From a Celestials World View

Achieving the possibilities outlined above can be done without the need for government approval, support, or spending. Without concern for inflation, raising taxes, or increased oil prices. Reports of the effort would reach every household regardless of who owns which mainstream media company. MOCfor Global can achieve dominance in the economy irrespective of stock market performance or who won the U.S. elections in 2020. It quietly crosses party lines and national borders without violating immigration laws or treaties. Everyone wins, and the more anyone participates, the greater the outcome. I hope you appreciated this introduction and look forward to hearing back from you. God bless and Godspeed to our success. 

HRH Princess Allaya Ephaesia of Orion