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"People helping people help themselves"

Trade Development, Business Services, and Administrative Support.

"Leading Providers in Total Life MakeOver Plans"

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Eligible to Sit on Counsel of Matriarchs 

Ambassadors are encouraged to become leaders in the pursuit of personal best efforts to live and love life enough to improve their physical health, develop spiritually, praise God, support family members, and master their chosen professions. Once confident in mind, body, and spirit of attaining personal bests, be willing to help others improve their lives. 

MOCfor Global PMA Ambassadors are appointed internally to be responsible for the well-being and universal advancement of any village, town, city, county, province, or state they request to be assigned.

Allaya Ephaesia of Orion



Unlimited Supportive Services, Staffing, and White Labels.

Vested Interest and Authoritative Status

May Develop and/or Chair Committees and Boards

Includes Member Services for Elite

Trade Development

Marketplace Entry

Subscriptions 1-4

Unlimited Financial Tech Support (Fin Tech)

Family Services

Paid Education for All Students

Advanced Adult & Childcare

Unlimited Resources

Income Sustainability

Full Package Ad & Marketing 

Unlimited Staffing 

Spiritual Development

One-on-One Sessions





+Bonuses, Benefits, and/or Company Stake

Virtual Assistants Provided to Generate Multiple Means of Passive Income

 Subsidized Hiring Privileges

Unlimited Personnel Placement

MOCfor Global PMA

Negotiates Bonuses, Shares, and Provides Benefits Packages.

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