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"spending power back in the hands of the people"

"Earn While You Learn to Become Successful in Business"


First 90 Days of Membership

Stage 1

Sign Up and Register

Step 1:  Sign up for Info & Updates

Step 2: Accept the Mission

Step 3: Register for Membership

Stage 2

Prep for Crowdfunding

Step 4: Request-A-Link

Step 5: Receive an Invoice

Step 6: Receive Your Link

Stage 3

Smart Contracts

Step 7: Use Quick Start Guide or

Step 8: First Learn Crypto Basics

Step 9: Experts Add Link/DApps

Stage 4

Services/Income Streams

Step 10: Register Your Link

Step  11: Customize Membership

Step 12: Subsidize Your Income

The Ultimate Step: Sign-up for our "Paid By The Pound" ™ Challenge * Begins April 25, 2022 and Ends Midnight October 29, 2022