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Bitcoin Smart Contract Cryptocurrency Crowdfunding

Introducing QTrex

Official Telegram Channel

QTrex Full Overview

Caution: To receive administrative support from SVM's Global Pandemic Economic Recovery System when participating in QTrex, registrants must sign up using the link below and not proceed to the URL suggested in the overview.

Sign up Today!

Click here if you would like to sign-up under

the member who invited you to this page.

QTrex ~ Quick Start

QTrex Bitcoin Smart Contract Crowdfunding

1. Sponsors & Signing Up

If you click on the button pictured above it will take you straight to the QTrex intro page where you can register under GPERS. You may also register by choosing from our List of Sponsor's or using the link provided to you by an invitee. 

2. Fill Your Wallet

This is the Trust Wallet Mobile App. We  recommend buying Ethereum and TRON here however,  Bitcoin can be bought and sent from any wallet or exchange to purchase your first and every  Bitcoin Smart Contract on the QTrex platform.

3. Registration & Fee

Once your chosen  Bitcoin Wallet is filled, complete registration by paying the Yearly Maintenance Fee. Then, proceed to the "My Funds" tab in the menu bar. There is where you will save your Bitcoin "Receive" address. Once submitted, it cannot be change!

4. 1st Smart Contract

The process allowing you to pay the maintenance fee, will be the same for purchasing smart contracts. Thereby, buying and receiving funding in a simple two-step process repeatedly until all of your funding goals are met. Welcome to The Community!!!



QTrex ~ Step by Step

Step 1:  Join Now!

The "Sign-up Today!" button will lead to the QTrex home page where you can click "JOIN NOW," to register for your Bitcoin Smart Contract account.

Step 1.1: Register

Registering is easy and can be completed in 5 simple steps. First, notice the name and email address in the green box; this will be your sponsor. Be sure to join under Rev. Sheila V. for GPERS or one of our Listed Sponsors for managed funding support. Next, complete and submit the form. You are now registered!

Step 2: How To Receive Funds

A fee to maintain the site is only requested once a year. After submitting the registration form, you will be directed to the page where the one-time payment of $33 USD can be made. Before making the payment, first, notice the tab pointed to by the black box in the example to your left. The tab reads, "My Funds," and leads to the page showing below.  

Step 2.1: Adding Your Bitcoin Receiving Address

Here is how you will add the wallet address to where you would like to receive funding. If you have not yet created a Bitcoin wallet, click here to do so now! Your wallet address will be similar to the one shown in the example. Be very careful not to confuse your Bitcoin Wallet Address with your Blockchain Wallet ID number. Once saved in the QTrex system, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CHANGE THE ADDRESS!!!

Step 3: Yearly Maintenance Fee

Hopefully, by now, you have decided which wallet or exchange you prefer to buy your Bitcoin and start purchasing smart contracts. If not, click here to view some options. Purchase enough Bitcoin to cover the Yearly Maintenance Fee $33 and Q1($50) = $83. However, it is recommended your first purchase includes at least 2 or 3 packages (Q1-Q3). 

Step 3.1: Paying Fee and Buy Smart Contracts

Once your Bitcoin Wallet is full, return to your QTrex Dashboard, scroll down to the renew button and consider your options. Note:  Even if it is your first time paying the Maintenance Fee the button will still say "Renew or Renew Now." 

Step 3.2: Prompt to Purchase First Package

Clicking the "Renew Now" button will bring you to the page on the left. Each time a package is purchased, it will be from this page. Click here to follow the arrows. 

Step 4: Upgrading

Once you have taken care of the Yearly Membership Fee, the system will direct you back to the dashboard, and this pop-up will appear. Click "Upgrade Now" to purchase your first Bitcoin Smart Contract.

Step 4.1: My Matrix

Once your purchase has been confirmed, you will automatically be redirected to the dashboard. Then, go to the menu bar and click on the "My Matrix" tab as pointed to by the black arrow in the example to the left. The green arrow indicates the smart contract package number and its value in USD. The matrix verifies the status of your position and those active in your downline. The turquoise blue arrow is pointing to the "Start Now" button allowing you to continue upgrading. 

Step 5: $50 to $100K

Follow the arrows in Step 3.2 until you become comfortable and confident while upgrading. Next, request to be added to the "List of Sponsors," then return to this page and register for training and to participate in our "Bull Runs." Cryptocurrency Crowdfunding is the single most effective way of coming together as a global community to support each other's efforts to achieve financial independence. Everyone you know deserves an invitation.