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"spending power back in the hands of the people"

"Earn While You Learn to Become Successful in Business"


Quick Start Guide

Before You Get Started, Four Musts.

#1. You MUST download a wallet or use an exchange that will allow you to buy TRON or Swap Ethereum for TRON.

#2. You MUST record all login details and mnemonic phrases when creating wallets or risk losing your crypto. 

#3. You MUST purchase at least 250 TRON (approx. $13 USD) before creating an account on SmartChoice Platform.

#4. You MUST order a cryptocurrency MC/Visa debit card as soon as possible to have spending power once funded.

Step 1

Smart Phone: Download the 

Trust Wallet to your smart device.

On the bottom menu click DApps 

and paste your link in the search bar.

Step 2

Desktop: Add the TronLink Pro extension

to your  Chrome or Firefox browser.

Most Important: Create a password, 

record your key phrases and keep the wallet open.

Step 3

Paste your link in your browser to reach the page shown below. Match the last 4 numbers of your link to the numbers shown in the box.

Click "Donate" for each Level or Smart Contract you wish to purchase.

Step 4

This is how your SmartChoice Smart Contract Crowdfunding Platform appears. 

MOCfor Global's objective is to strategically place members throughout this platform to ensure fair and equal funding distribution, create opportunities for each participant to reach a minimum funding goal of $100K, and prove the system effective as a commercially driven UBI.