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Quick Start Guide

RIDE THE LITECOIN is ONE BIG SPILLOVER PROCESS, as such, everyone will simply fall in place after signing up under the "ONLY EVER ONE LINK" provided at a time. A crowdfunding platform, RIDE THE LITECOIN is designed to ensure everyone is funded equally. 

Ride The Litecoin's "HOW IT WORKS" page can be confusing at first glance, however, after careful study, the best use of it is to focus on the left side, UPLINE. A helpful suggestion is to UPGRADE AS SOON AS YOU HAVE THE MEANS TO DO SO. UPGRADING SHOULD BE THE FIRST PRIORITY!!! The reason for this suggestion is that your downline is going to be building 24/7 and all while you're sleeping. If you do not UPGRADE as soon as the funds to do so are in your Litecoin Wallet, you'll be passed up and those having upgraded before you will receive what should have been for you.


Immediately after registering for a Ride The Litecoin account click UPGRADE to upgrade your accounts, at which time you will be sent to Coinpayments, a cryptocurrency payment processing site, to cover the yearly administrative fee of $14.99 USD, before the website will allow you to complete your profile and Upgrade to Level 1. Copy the "Total Amount to Send" as shown in Litecoin. This payment will only be accepted for the "EXACT AMOUNT." Complete your payment, then return to your dashboard in Ride The Litecoin and refresh the page. Keep the tab open for Coinpayments as you will need 3 confirmations before being allowed to complete your profile.

After completing your profile go to "My Money," where you will see a drop-down menu with "Litecoin Wallet" listed on the first tier. There is where you will add your "LITECOIN WALLET 'RECEIVE' ADDRESS."

When people begin funding upward, your address will appear under the instructions telling them to "ONLY" fund the Litecoin Wallet Receive Address Below." 

Next, UPGRADE your position by copying the Litecoin Receive Address provided and sending the amount specified in the green shaded area just below the instructions. Look for STEP 1: 0.035. 

Each time you confirm a donation you will return to this green shaded area to find the next amount to be donated. STEP 2 is to confirm that you have donated the correct amount by entering the same Litecoin Receive Address in the search box at The search will take you to a page that will provide you with a Transaction/Hash ID#.  The Hash is the longest string of code located just under the number of transactions shown on the upper left side. Copy the string then return to your Ride The Litecoin back office. Under STEP 2, enter the amount you just sent (0.035), the Hash ID#, your secret answer and SUBMIT.  Repeat this simple process until you've UPGRADED to Level 5, then begin funding your dreams!!! 


find more instructions go to: STEP by STEP