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Professional & Business Development, Services & Support

"Earn While You Learn to Become Successful in Business"



As mentioned in our introduction, Ride The Litecoin is the most affordable cryptocurrency education system and peer-to-peer donation platform we assist our clients through to help fund their professional interests and personal needs. You donate to a cause and by doing so place yourselves in a position to receive up to 243x your initial donation. After paying an upfront yearly fee of approximately $14.99, you may begin funding and being funded. First Step is to Upgrade your entry-level position to Level 1 (approx. $5.17) depending on the value of Litecoin at the time. 

Most transactions will require you to have all three types of the accounts shown below. The first is an exchange where you can Buy Litecoin, next is a Litecoin Wallet (required) in which to store and transact your Litecoin, and several means by which you can return your Litecoin to Fiat money or local cash for spending. 

Need assistance setting up your accounts? Click the link to fill out a request form: PEER to PEER Admin Support.

Quick Start Guide 


The End of Financial Instability

Mass participation could be the end all of the suffering for people devastated by hurricanes hitting the Southern borders of North America and the Caribbean. To my knowledge, similar financial systems and large-scale solutions are not designed to actually put cash dollars in the pockets of those needing it most. Our intention is to exceed all half measures by combining the efforts of our many communities to build and maintain generational wealth giving every person and family the ability to easier overcome life's seemingly endless challenges.

Christmas All Year

. . . and The Million Dollar Push, only available to those participating in BitFundZa. There is no question as to whether or not ANYONE can reach the million dollar mark when EVERYONE participates, the only question is when if not this weekend. Legally, we have to tell you there are no guarantees, still, many of us are aiming for dates before the end of the first quarter in 2018. 

Targeting The Following Communities

Consider the Impact

  • Financial Independence for all active duty members of the military and military veterans. 
  • Replacing college loans with crowdfunding and the ability to pay all school accumulated debts before Summer 2018.
  • A better-afforded education for all children as public school teachers and other educators become able to personally compensate for the financial needs of their students and classes.
  • Having an abundance of capital to explore every personal and professional interest. 
  • Better health due to the affordability of organic foods,  holistic healthcare, and advanced medical treatments.
  • A reduction in crime globally as everyone will be able to live equally abundant lives. 

It All Starts With A Wallet

There are over 50 wallets from which to choose and “NO LIMIT” to the number of Wallets and/or Exchanges a person can have. The following digital asset exchange company and secure online platforms will help you buy, sell, send and receive, transfer and store your digital currency. Some are more user-friendly than others but they are all proven trustworthy in the world of cryptocurrency:

Ways to Store Litecoin ~Litecoin Wallets

Option 1 Downloadable ~ "ONLY" available on desk and laptops.

Option 2 Downloadable ~ available on desk tops, laptop, tablets s & mobiles.

Option 3 Downloadable ~ available on desk tops, laptop, tablets s & mobiles. 

Ways to Buy Litecoin ~ Litecoin Exchanges

Option 4  May buy using a debit card and exchange to crypto for free.

Option 5  May buy using a debit card. Not accepting all bank cards.

Option 6  May exchange upto 30 different cryptocurrencies for LTC.

More Ways to Buy, Send, Exchange & Store Litecoin

Option 7 Great resource for multiple types of fiat to crypto Exchanges.

Option 8 Buy Bitcoin Locally then use an exchange to convert to Litecoin.

Option 9 Bitcoin ATMs Worldwide.

Option 10 Use a payment processor

Ways to Pay Bills Locally Using Litecoin

Option 11 An actual payment processor for personal and business accounts, local cash (Fiat Money) and cryptocurrency transactions.

Option 12 Categories of Merchants worldwide that accept Litecoin

Option 13 Must first exchange your Litecoin for Bitcoin then send to your choice of Bitcoin Visa Debit Cards for paying bills and spending. Here's a tutorial.

Option 14 A Visa Debit Card Exclusively for Litecoin-Coming Soon.


Best Ways to Exchange or Convert Crypto to Cash for Spending & Making Bank Deposits.

Option 15 Not accessible in every country, however, reliable.

Option 16 Accessible in most countries but particular about which banks you can attach to your account.

Option 17 Accessible in most countries, contracting cashiers with a great number of pay-processing accounts to help with your transactions.

Making Payment Using Exodus Wallet

Exodus is Ideal for Making Small Payments but Can Only be Downloaded to Computers

1st Download Exodus

Litecoin has great potential for being next, of all altcoins in cryptocurrency to match Bitcoin in value, however, it can be challenging, at times, to buy and send. Scroll up for Options on how to buy . . . afterward, if you choose to transfer your Litecoin to Exodus for storage and an easy way to send and receive payments in our programs, the following instructions will show you how. 

Password Protected "Only"

Exodus Wallet is only protected by a password. The password you choose cannot be saved by your computer nor will it register with a password manager, so the password you create must be easy to remember but hard to hack. Signing in will land you on the "Portfolio" page as it appears to the left.

Locating Your Litecoin Wallet in Exodus

Click on "Wallet" located under "Portfolio," then look to the right to find Litecoin listed in alphabetical order. Click, and next you will see what is depicted in the image to the left; your Litecoin balance and buttons allowing you to "Send" and "Receive." To add Litecoin to your wallet click "Receive." This will produce an address that can easily be copied, used or given to anyone wanting to "Send" Litecoin to your Exodus Wallet. 

How to "Send" or Make a Payment

To make a payment or "Send" Litecoin, follow the examples depicted in the image to the right. First, enter the Litecoin "Receive" address to where or whom you would like to send your payment. Exodus makes it easy to either enter the exact amount of Litecoin you want to send or the exact amount in your local currency. When paying Ride The Litecoin's yearly administrative fee, "ONLY" Send the amount in LTC showing on the invoice provided. The cost of the transaction is located under the "SEND" button.

Verifying Transactions Before Sending

Next, verify the information you entered, confirm the amount and "Send."

Exodus Payment Confirmation

Exodus will then confirm that your transaction was successfully sent. 


Raising Millions Doesn't Happen Any Easier Than This!

Landing On The Right Page

When clicking on the link provided you will land on the page to the left. Unlike landing on the BitFundZa Home page, you will not see any indication that you're being placed correctly under your Sponsor's link until you click "Sign Up" or "Join Now."  

Understanding What It Means To Spillover

Remember, this is one big spillover process so it is perfectly normal to see the message to the right. Yes, you were invited by Sheila Tabarsi and I have the maximum 3 referrals on my Level 1 so, you will spill over and under the next person in our downline. 

Your Account Has Been Created

Once your account has been created click the "Log In" link indicated in the image on the Left for the login window as seen in the image below.

Saving Log In Information

Nowadays, a person can't do anything more than browsing a website before asked to create an account. The Ride The Litecoin and BitFundZa Log In windows provide an opportunity to select "Forgot Username or Password" in the event it is needed, however, when having to create as many secure accounts as are needed in the World of Cryptocurrency, it is best to use a PASSWORD MANAGER. Click here for reviews that will help you pick from the best 6 in the industry. 


Paying The Yearly  Administrative Fee

You Can't Donate Litecoin Until You Upgrade Your Account

Once logged in you will land in your back office. There you will see a menu for your Dashboard in the left column, a timer shaded in pink, counting down the days you have to UPGRADE YOUR ACCOUNT and the link in the center of the page to help you start the process.


This process will be completely different from the one you will repeat to advance your position by funding from Level 1 to Level 5.

$14.99 USD

If you read through the "Before You Get Started" page for Ride The Litecoin, you will remember the section that described how careful you need to be when paying fixed Fiat Currency amounts (USD, Euros, Pounds). In this case, the amount is $14.99 USD. Click "Pay Now."

The "Pay Now" button will link you to a digit invoice generated by CoinPayments, which is a payment processor for both fiat and crypto merchant accounts. Pay attention here, to the first 4 lines: Status; Total Amount to Send; Received So Far; and Balance Remaining. The Status will read, "Waiting for Funds" until 3 confirmations are received for the payment requested. The Litecoin equivalent of $14.99 USD will be exactly what appears next to "Total Amount to Send." This amount will change according to the value of Litecoin at the time of your payment. NO TWO(2) INVOICES WILL EVER REQUEST THE SAME AMOUNT IN LITECOIN FOR $14.99 USD. Some people will make several small payments using different wallets. This invoice will indicate the amount "Received So Far" until the "Balance Remaining" is 0.00000000. The Litecoin address to where you will send your yearly payment is the long alpha-numeric code located directly under the black squared QR Code. 

Confirmation for UpGrading Your Account 

If your payment processed correctly the "Status" will read "Complete," "Total Amount To Send" will be identical to what was "Received So Far" and the minimum number of "Confirmations" needed to generate a "Status: Complete" (3/3 confirms) will show next to the amount "Received So Far."

You may now return to your dashboard in Ride The Litecoin, however, keep the tab open for Coinpayments to verify your transaction was completed.

Setting Up Your Back Office

The Ride The Litecoin Dashboard

Complete Your Profile

The first thing you will need to do is Refresh the Page. until your dashboard looks like the image to the right. If you signed out of your Ride The Litecoin account after being sent to Coinpayments. net you will be prompted to SIGN IN, again which will land you back on your Dashboard. The first thing you want to do is complete your Profile.

My Money

Next, go to "My Money" and access the drop-down menu. Click on "Litecoin Wallet."

Choose From A Number Of Available Wallets & Exchanges

Add the Web Address to the Litecoin Wallet you will be using to fund your UpGrades. 

After creating your Litecoin Wallet find and click on the "REQUEST" button in your account which will prompt a pop-up box providing you with your Litecoin Wallet "REQUEST ADDRESS." 

Copy that address and enter where it is requested on the form. Add the Secret Answer to the question you created when filling out your profile, then Submit

Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade

Next, Upgrade to Level 1 by clicking the link shown by the two arrows in the image to the right.

Repeat the following steps until you have received the maximum allowable

donations from Level 1 to Level 5!!!  

STEP 1: Only Pay Amounts Specified In Litecoin "0.035, etc."

Beginning with your Direct Sponsor, all donations will be paid to your UPLINE. Copy the Litecoin Address in the pale yellow shaded area as shown on the left and "ALWAYS ONLY" donate the AMOUNT IN LITECOIN shown in the shaded green area next to "STEP 1." 

STEP 2: Submit The Transaction or Hash ID#

Scroll up for specific instructions on how to pay for your UpGrade using your Litecoin Wallet. 

Paste the Transaction/Hash ID# where it is asked for in the text box to the right. Next, enter the "EXACT AMOUNT IN LITECOIN" because it is what is being confirmed when your Hash ID# is Submitted. 


As soon as your Hash# is submitted the system will congratulate you. Then, return to the shaded green area labeled Step 1 for the next amount you will be donating to UPGRADE to the next Level. 

Repeat the following steps until you have received the maximum allowable donations from 

Level 1 to Level 5!!! ​​​​​​​

Each time I complete Level 5 I will create new accounts in RIDE THE LITECOIN under an Elite client of "THE FIRM" PUSHING him or her through the system until each client reaches their targeted goal. 

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