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"Spiritual Life Coaching, Classes, health, and Alternative Healing."

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How to Achieve Success in Relationships

Knowing Yourself  *  Knowing Your Partner  The Ultimate Relationship

Classes are highly interactive, group life coaching sessions where participants express their thoughts through role-playing. Using professional levels of intuition as a guide, participants realize the most effective means of communication, action, or inaction necessary to resolve issues, creating positive, supportive energy in their relationships. Classes begin with reciting affirmations to ground us in the positive before discussing how to achieve balance and success with our partners.

Series I: Classes I - 5  Know Yourself  * Series II: Classes 1-5  Know Your Partner * Series III: Classes 1-5  The Ultimate Relationship

Suggested Reading

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Love is A Decision

by: Gary Smalley & John Trent

Husbands and wives can make great lovers and friends but make lousy gods. Learning to plug into the Source of love, peace, and joy often leads to positive  outcomes when faced with some of the most significant challenges of your relationship.

Sexual Energy Ecstasy

by: David and Ellen Ramsdale

Remove psychological fears and increase desire as you discover new heights of erotic joy through safer sex. Achieve the Tantric energy orgasm, transforming lovemaking into a blissful, sacred experience while improving health and wellbeing.

Ascension and Romantic Relationships

by: Dr. Joshua David Stone

"Seek and Ye Shall Find!" Set the intent on a spiritual or causative level, then let go and let God. Thereby planting the seeds for a romantic relationship, and not constantly digging them up before they can bloom. 

Beloveds in Bed

by: Mackenzie Jordan 

Along the journey into soulfulness, you will find the Love you desire inside your own heart. This book speaks a "language of intimacy" which will enable you to experience the love you envision until you recognize the Source within.

Background Painting by: Lernie Bueler

Series I: Knowing Yourself

 Fridays @ 6pm ~ 7:30pm PST / 7pm ~ 8:30pm MST / 8pm ~ 9:30pm CST / 9pm ~ 10:30pm EST

Recording links will activate once recordings are available.

Class 1



How do you perceive yourself? How do you feel you are perceived? Who are your role models, and to whom are you a role model?


May 2023


Class 2


Building Confidence

Building confidence and competence. Feeling secure when "Doing You" and keeping expectations in check.


May 2023


Class 3


Relationship Types

When is it necessary to define a relationship? Handling "It's Complicated." Choosing and taking responsibility for your choices, i.e., just sex, friends with benefits, marriage material, etc.


May 2023


Class 4



Why you choose the partners you do.  The importance of compatibility. What's right and wrong about having multiple partners.


May 2023


Class 5


Manifesting Mr./Mrs. Right

Play; Date; Decide; then, Ask.

Play: Playing around is for the young. Get it out of your system.

Date: Courting is necessary even when finding love at first sight.

Decide: Be open, honest, and declare your truth. 

Ask: With playing out of your system, courting beyond all pretenses, and declarations of commitment, The Creator will bless and protect your union.


June 2023