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"Entrepreneurship is the key to sovereignty"

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Anyone With An Opinion Can Earn A Living As A Consultant

Marissa Romero

Marissa is a YouTube influencer with almost two hundred thousand followers and some of the best information anyone can find to make money online. All MOCfor applicants must register a "Trade" to qualify for membership. Don't have a product or service to promote, then offer support to members who do. MOCfor needs almost every service, application, and software Marissa mentions in her videos. Feel inspired?! Follow Marissa's lead, and you can earn a position as a "Paid Consultant" on our Member Service Support Team.

Words of Wisdom for Starting Over

20 Ways to Make $2K a Week

MOCfor Needs Influencer

We, The People, can end the income-earning crisis and problem with illegal immigration worldwide with our Smartphones and access to Wifi. Have access to a computer; then you can sponsor someone who doesn't. MOCfor can help anyone become a Blogger, YouTube Influencer, Google Ad Sense Creator, and Ebook Publisher. Or join our R&D Team, Manage Content or Transcribe for those who cannot read or write, earning enough revenue monthly to live comfortably anywhere.