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"Entrepreneurship is the key to sovereignty"

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Step 1: Frame Your Mind

How to Monetize Any Hobby, Skill, or Passion

Sorelle Amore

Sorelle is a YouTube and Instagram influencer with over one million followers and loves teaching people how to build something from nothing and making the transition sound as seamless as breathing. Feel free to subscribe to her channel for a daily dose of inspiration. Next, scroll down and let Marissa jumpstart you to financial freedom.

Anyone With An Opinion Can Earn A Living As A Consultant

Marissa Romero

Marissa is a YouTube influencer with over two hundred thousand followers and some of the best information anyone can find to make money online. All MOCfor Global applicants must register a "Trade" to qualify for membership. Don't have a product or service to promote, then offer support to members who do. MOCfor Global members need every service, application, and software Marissa mentions in her videos. Feel inspired?! Follow Marissa's lead, and earn a position as a "Paid Consultant" on our Member Service Support Team.

Words of Wisdom for Starting Over

20 Ways to Make $2K a Week

MOCfor Global Wants Whatever You Can Deliver!

Have a smartphone,  tablet, or computer? Then, you can provide a service to someone who doesn't. Blog what you know. YouTube your failures and market your success. That's how to become an Influencer. Advertise for others or Publish Ebooks. Join our Research & Development team, Translate Content, or Transcribe for those who cannot read or write. There are many ways to earn enough monthly income to live comfortably anywhere. If you've completed your membership application but would like to add to or change your trade click below.

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