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"Entrepreneurship is the key to sovereignty

and sovereignty is the key to Salvation"

Leading Providers in "Total Life Make-Over Plans"

Trade Development, Business Services and Administrative Support

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The MOCfor Global Pandemic Economic Recovery Systems (GPERS)


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Our Problem, Reaction, Solution

". . . and The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth."

Universal Basic Income (UBI), sustained by  continuing developments of commercial enterprises.


The MOCfor Global Pandemic Economic Recovery Systems (GPERS) is a globally unifying humanitarian effort to provide reliable income for people in crisis until reaching financial stability. Then continues serving as a Universal Basic Income (UBI) for as long as participants remain active within the system.


People worldwide are looking to governments for stimulus to relieve the strain caused by the pandemic. Trillions in funding are distributed monthly at the risk of our global economy, yet not enough is getting into the hands of the people who need it most.


Created for the people by the people. In GPERS, "We the People" can participate in a ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL effort to fulfill the financial needs of every household and small business seeking support, close the gap between the 99% and 1%, and regain the right to live in peace and prosperity.


GPERS is one of a kind and the only system to scale from supporting a single-family home in one community to every household in a nation. Join us to demonstrate how easy it can be to achieve equality in all divides; income, social, social, health, and wealth.

Step 1: Become a Member


Provide a plan to ensure full economic recovery and sustainability for every individual, household, and community in every village, town, city, state, and province, in every nation worldwide, starting with you. 


Step 2: Register Your Trade

Trade Registration

Completing "The Marketplace" section of your membership application conveys which business services, products, or skills you wish to monetize to achieve financial independence. Using the button below you can change or add to information previously submitted, apply for a position on MOCfor's Member, Support Team, or outsource your services to a MOCfor Member needing to increase his/her workforce. 


Step 3: Achieve Funding

Cryptocurrency Smart Contract Crowdfunding

The membership level you select will determine the number of members to be strategically placed using your link, for each crowdfunding platform and supportive service offered in your Member Service Package. MOCfor members inline to receive your link will then have their links distributed to when requesting placement on educational and funding platforms of their choosing. As more people unite across the globe for education and employment, so will the potential for increased earnings and #Income Equality.

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